Highcliffe Residents Association
A Community Interest Company

The Old School building in Lymington Road was taken in to the ownership of HRA-CIC last year. Following refurbishment it is now open for community activities.
The building is also home to the Rainbow Nursery School which now has a stable base.

We have a large room/hall available for hire at reasonable prices per session, availability can be viewed using the 'Bookings'tab.
We recently completed the addition of a small Kitchen for making drinks and preparing refreshments to support the activities in the Hall, along with improvements to the toilet facilities.
This might be just the space you have been looking for, to hold meetings, rehearse a band or organise a dance group. If you would like more details please phone Rob on 01425 272831 (rob.austin@dsl.pipex.com)

Further repairs and improvements to The Old School fabric are ongoing and with that in mind we have set up a fund to help finance that contingency .

All donations will be gratefully received. If you would like to help please contact the above.

Thank You.


Meeting Hall -- Kitchen -- Front Office

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