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Avenue Road Planning Application11 September 2019

On behalf of the Parish Council we object to the development proposed under application number 8/19/1029 for the following reasons:

  • This is an overdevelopment and crowding of the site. Placing 4 large houses where there was previously one is unacceptable and destroys the nature of the area.
  • Building in previously designated gardens is a dangerous precedent which if allowed could allow future incursion on garden spaces.
  • This is not an infill brownfield or previously used site and is in violation of policy no H12 of the current Christchurch Local plan (Infill)
  • It does not provide any measure of affordable housing.
  • The development will alter and affect the privacy aspect of surrounding houses.
  • The development will affect the nature area behind No 22 and is in violation of policy no H9 of the current Christchurch Local plan (Chewton Farm Estate)
  • Lack of garages will add an unacceptable number of on road parking dangerous in areas where there are no pavements.
  • There would be an increase of traffic on the dangerous junction of Avenue Road and Chewton Farm Road.

For these reasons we request that you reject this application.

W McNeill
On behalf of Highcliffe and Walkford Parish Council