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HRA complain about the litter on Christchurch bypass18 February 2019

Photograph of litter

The Highcliffe Residents Association has written to Dorset County Council to complain about the huge amount of litter on Christchurch By Pass, and has asked that suitable signage is erected in order to encourage people to take their litter home.

Communications Officer Mary Reader says “The amount of litter which has gatheredover this winter is the worst that I have ever seen since moving to this area thirty-seven years ago. It is obvious that some items have fallen off passing lorries and there has been some fly-tipping: but a huge amount of it has just been thrown out of vans and cars. It is a sad fact that we have a calibre of people now who think that it is OK to dump their litter all over the countryside, but I regularly travel to meetings in other parts of Dorset and nowhere has been as neglected as this area”.

Her complaints have been supported by DCC Councillor Colin Jamieson and quickly extracted a response from Mike Harries the Chief Executive and Director of the Economy, who promised that something would be done quickly. However, a response from the Dorset Waste Partnership manager was less satisfactory, as he said that he hoped to schedule a clean-up in 4-6 weeks’ time.

Councillor Jamieson has written to say that: “I would like to see the evidence that supports the statement that DWP has been monitoring the Bypass and other areas, and how it compares with other parts of the county. I suspect, it is the rural county that gets the bulk of the attention. Stating the obvious, the build-up of debris occurs continually and is being exacerbated by the work on the A338 and consequential diversion of traffic. But as we all know, litter attracts more litter and the result is exponential. Lack of enforcement and human behaviour just add to the misery. I have suggested for years that we have to implement effective punitive action in an attempt to overcome or at least mitigate this sorry situation; but to date nothing appears to have been formulated, at least not in Christchurch which remains a gateway to the county.”