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Increasing reports of anti-social behaviour16 April 2021

The Highcliffe Residents Association is receiving frequent reports of increasing anti-social behaviour, vandalism and late-night noise nuisance in Highcliffe and Walkford. Residents are asking what they can do to help manage these problems.

HRA has contacted local police for advice, and to request an increased visible presence of police in the area, especially in late evenings.

If there is a crime in progress with offenders still at scene, or if anyone is at risk of immediate threat or harm, then the police confirm that residents must dial 999.

Otherwise, the police urge residents to report all occasions of anti-social behaviour to them directly at the time, using the police contact telephone number 101, or the on-line reporting facility on the home page of the Dorset Police website: https://www.dorset.police.uk/do-it-online/

It is important that all occasions of serious anti-social behaviour are reported promptly to the police so that the 'victims' can be offered the relevant victim support and crime prevention advice. Furthermore, immediate reporting allows for any fast-track investigative actions to be carried out such as the preservation of forensic evidence, CCTV evidence etc.

The police will use all these reports to build up their intelligence as to the nature of the 'problem' so that they can target resources accordingly and work with partners such as the council and education to help prevent any further issues. This is why direct reporting is so important.

The Cliffhanger car park has been identified by the police as a hot spot location, and they advise that officers will be carrying out routine patrols. HRA urges residents to follow police guidance in these matters, to help avoid future problems in our lovely area.