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Highcliffe and Walkford Parish Council - this is what they do!13 February 2023

It is 4 years since Local Government Reorganisation and Highcliffe & Walkford Parish Council came into existence. In no particular order the following are the principal achievements and activities of the Parish Council over that time.

With Parish Council elections due in May this year, the Council's Chairman, Bob Hutchings, challenges readers to think ahead to the future needs of the parish. What more would you like to see on the agenda? Do you think you'd like to contribute by joining the Council?

1Starting from scratch set up policies and procedures to ensure good governance of the Council
2Financed and erected new fencing along section of the A337
3Researched, developed and completed a Neighbourhood Plan to obtain 86% support from voters in a referendum.
4Refurbished public seats and sited them in Lakewood, Highcliffe Castle, High Street & Walkford Road Allotments
5Drew up proposals for the High Street improvements.
6Commissioned the resurfacing and extension of the car park at Nea Meadows
7Engaged with BCP to improve the condition of bus shelters in the parish
8Carried through the £200k refurbishment of Wingfield Pavilion
9Employed a gardener/handyman to help maintain public green spaces etc
10Sought to purchase additional land for recreation purposes
11Managed the Roeshott Hill and Walkford Road allotments at no cost to taxpayers and without raising allotment rents
12Designed and commissioned the making of a silver chain and medallion for the Chairman.
13Registered various 'Assets of Community Value' with BCP
14Encouraged the formation of volunteer groups to help with the maintenance of parish footpaths
15Gave financial support for the installation of security lighting at Highcliffe Castle
16Established and furnished a parish office within the Old School House
17Celebrated the Platinum Jubilee of The Queen by planting seven trees in the grounds of Highcliffe Castle
18Purchased Christmas trees to decorate the High Street
19Provided financial and other support for Highcliffe Residents' Association, St Mark's Church and the Methodist Church to enable them to provide support for residents suffering from the cost of living crisis in 2022
20Assisted St Mark's Church to extend the usable space in the Churchyard
21Co-operated with HAT as they sought to initiate 'town twinning'.
22Carried out a comprehensive study of all parish footpaths and pavements; Discussed with BCP necessary remedial works.
23Took appropriate actions to mark the death of Her Majesty The Queen.
24Provided financial support for the erection of a public clock in the High Street
25Continuously brought pressure on BCP to honour the arrangement to transfer to the Parish Council the ownership of 4 play areas in the parish.
26Similarly argued for the transfer to the Parish Council of the Highcliffe Recreation Ground.
27Brought pressure on BCP to provide urgent repairs to cliff top paths
28Assisted Men's Sheds to do voluntary work through the provision of DIY equipment.
29Supported the Friends of Lakewood by the provision of plants and other financial assistance.
30Held discussions with Merrick Estates and Hoburne Developments to secure better maintenance of footpaths within their ownership.
31Considered every planning application submitted to BCP raising objections where necessary
32Appointed an Assistant Clerk principally to manage the allotments and bring 'in house' the annual billing of 359 plot holders
33Financially supported Highcliffe in Bloom in its endeavours to improve the village flower displays etc
34Provided new seating for Mudeford Wood Community Centre
35Collaborated closely with Highcliffe Residents Association in their efforts to upgrade the Old School House. In particular provided 100 new chairs and display boards.
36Provided new portable goalposts at Wingfield Recreation Ground.
37Gave assistance for new equipment at Highcliffe Bowls Club
38Regularly supported Highcliffe Food & Arts Festival
39Co-opted a total of 6 Parish Councillors to maintain a full complement
40Assisted Highcliffe Castle in the replacement of its Union Flag
41Provided toilet facilities for disabled persons at Roeshott Hill allotments
42Resurfaced the Wingfield Recreation Ground car park
43Assisted HRA with the provision of central heating in the Old School House
44Worked with local residents to secure improvements in parking restriction proposals of BCP
45Investigated the causes of, and means of reducing, carbon footprint
46Co-operated with BCP and Friars Cliff Residents Association in the provision of a Local Heritage List for the parish
47Investigated the desirability/necessity for De-silting Nea Meadows lake
48Provided various new notice boards in the village
49Invested in cctv cameras at Wingfield pavilion
50Prepared and monitored a 4 year corporate plan

If you think you' like to take up the challenge and help please contact either the Clerk of the Council (trish.jamieson@highcliffwalkford-pc.gov.uk) or the Chairman (bob.hutchings@highcliffewalkford-pc.gov.uk)