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Planning report June 20196 June 2019

This is a busy time for planning applications in Highcliffe – here is an update:

Jesmond Avenue 8/18/1070/FUL
The hoardings in the area have now been removed after the enforcement Notice applied. The developer has now put in an application to build 50 homes with 18 detached chalet houses and two blocks of flats, one of which will be affordable housing with shared ownership and the other will be for private rent. The developer has offered to meet with the residents to discuss the plans.

Planning application 8/19/0683/FUL
Squeezed in house at 13-15 Thursby Road
Planning objection Raised 11/4/19

This in an existing set of gardens, breaks the building line, is intrusive and cramping. Again, the precedent of building in a garden. The developer has submitted answers to the objections before the decision date.  These answers have been replied to and the objections still stand.  All the information is on the web site. 
(23/5/19) application rejected.

Planning Application 8/16/2932/OUT
Roeshot Hill as outlined in Christchurch Times on 10/4/19
Approval for access road considerations only
Reserved matter includes community building playing areas etc.
This will be discussed at a later stage.

Planning Application 8/19/0398/OUT
Houses at 51 Smugglers Lane North
Cramped onto back garden. Trees (with TPOs we understand) already demolished.
Again, building in gardens, shared drives  

Planning Application 8/18/3187/FUL + trees
House Bramble Lane and removal of trees (TPOs?)
House built in lane with no possibility of Emergency Services access.
Despite objection the application has been granted.

Planning application -  Premier Inn
Refused 24/4/19 due to impact on tree with TPO.
It is a concern of inconsistency that TPO have affected this application but not others

Lymington Road
We know of the approved flats at the Rothesay Hotel, but there seem to be 2 others with not seen applications for removal. Will be followed up with Planning.

Seaton Road 8/19/0564/OUT
This appears to be a cut down version of a previous application.
The same objections apply to cramping, inadequate parking inappropriate development - how many retirement flats do we need if those existing are not selling!
Note: they are providing 50 cycle spaces!

A general comment on access to planning material. The web site is very slow, it does not list planning applications, you have to search everything, historical information is inconsistent. This will be followed up with the new planning department through the new Parish Council.

Willie Mc Neill, Planning officer for HRA