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UPDATED: Proposed Parking Schemes in Highcliffe Coastal Roads12 March 2021

Highcliffe residents should be aware of a controversial proposal to make large parts of coastal Highcliffe a Zonal Parking Area, with chargeable parking bays.

HRA is already aware of significant opposition to such a scheme, but of course there may also be differing views.

To enable enquirers to get up to date, we copy in below:

  1. The press release issued on 10 March 2021 by HRA - click to view
  2. A Statement dated 28 February by Cllr. Nigel Brooks - click to view
  3. An email sent by Highcliffe resident Malcolm Eastwood to BCP Council Leader Drew Mellor on 8 March - click to view

NB: The three maps showing the draft Zonal Parking Scheme

We will update this News Item with additional information as it becomes available.

HRA members are encouraged to let us know their views about the need for parking restrictions in the roads referred to, and the form that they would wish them to take, so that HRA can fairly represent residents' views as we become increasingly aware of them. Your views can easily be submitted using the message facility on the Committee page of the HRA website. You can also write directly to BCP Council, as suggested in Nigel Brooks's statement.

Richard Reader
HRA Executive Committee member


I am pleased to advise residents that following a concerted effort by residents, Parish Council Members, Highcliffe Residents Association (HRA) and others the Zonal Parking Scheme put forward by BCP Council, as set out in my Statement of 28th February which appeared on Highcliffe News and local press is not going ahead. My particular thanks to resident Malcom Eastwood who has coordinated much of the dialogue with BCP Council.

The Scheme put forward had serious flaws, and the conclusion was it was totally unacceptable to residents in the 15 roads affected where 230 chargeable parking bays were proposed. The scheme had not been properly thought through and could not be accepted on the 'take it or leave it' basis as presented. Moving forward, residents and representatives for our community will be looking to BCP Council for a constructive consultation period so that an acceptable way of tackling summertime parking in unrestricted residential roads can be achieved.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted Parish Members, HRA and myself. We will ensure that you are kept up to date with progress in the coming months.

Cllr Nigel Brooks Highcliffe & Walkford Ward