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Traffic Regulation Orders for Highcliffe1 August 2023

At a meeting recently between HRA, Councillors Andy Martin, David Martin, Adam Sofianos and BCP Councill officers, it was confirmed that new Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) will come into force from 1 October 2023. We were hoping to get these in places ahead of this summer season, and the Council Officers apologised for the delay in reaching agreement on these by BCP Council, citing staffing shortages as the principal reason. There will be a further review of the traffic and parking in and around Highcliffe, and we are hoping that measures requested previously will be examined once again.

The measures being enacted in the autumn will include roads and road junctions to the south of Lymington Road We have been assured that all the junctions we included in our request will have double lines and extensions where lines already exist.

Other measures which were addressed at that meeting included:

  • Lymington Road and Ringwood Road - reduction in speed limits where currently 40mph to 30mph - to be consulted on and implemented
  • Addressing road safety issues/speeding in Hinton Wood Avenue
  • Dangerous and inconsiderate parking in Greenways/Jesmond/Kilmington - traffic regulation orders for double yellow lines to be drafted, consulted and implemented
  • Implementation of long-awaited traffic regulation orders at Highcliffe School
  • Continuing work by road safety and highway officers with the staff at St Marks School to ease the traffic problems there.
  • Early discussion about 'school streets' being implemented, talks at an early stage, and more will emerge in due course.