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TRO Parking Proposals - Highcliffe Seafront area25 October 2022

Beach steps

Following the period of public consultation ahead of the introduction of new parking measures at junctions and 'conflict points' in Highcliffe, the HRA Chair, together with local resident Malcolm Eastwood and Councillor Nigel Brooks, met with council officers to discuss the next steps in the process.

There is some concern that residents and people from outside the area who did participate in the 'Have your say' review either did not access the full information, which was made available, or in fact misunderstood what the proposals entailed. This was mainly because a great deal of the comments seemed not to appreciate that the measures proposed are in fact designed to enhance the safety of all road users and would not impact on private access.

Joan Rose asked the council officers to provide a more detailed analysis of the results to enable HRA to address some of the points raised by residents. The current measures were developed after Councillor Nigel Brooks led a successful campaign to reject a zonal payable parking bay scheme, in some 15 roads and over 200 bays south of Lymington Road. The Parish Council, together with HRA and key residents have worked with Council Officers to bring forward parking measures to protect junctions and other safety aspects of our residential roads.

Parking - Contractor's vehicles

HRA is aware that with a number of residential building projects underway contractor parking on Wharncliffe Road, Gordon Road and in other areas of Highcliffe is causing issues from time to time. Local traffic enforcement officers have been informed, and the council is working with building companies to achieve a safe compromise with onsite staff. After speaking directly to one of these officers, your Chair can confirm that they are asked to remove vehicles to public car parking wherever parking is felt to be a danger to other road users.