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Update on planning11 September 2019

The following applications have been submitted but no decision has yet been made

  • The Cliffhanger (8/19/0715/FUL) Concerns about the design and size of the extension
  • 165 Lymington Road. (8/19/0938/FUL) Concern about demolishing a perfectly good house
  • Jesmond Avenue. (8/19/0943/OUT) Major concern about the removal of a green space and overdevelopment. Major objections
  • 1&3 Seaton Road. (8/19/0564/OUT) Objection to more flats poor parking and density of traffic
  • 11 Buckland Grove. (8/19/1057/TTPO) Concern over large (13) trees being removed
  • 20 Avenue Road (8/19/1026/FUL) Overdevelopment, garden usage and traffic density

The following application will be objected to

  • Penny way 8/19/1172/FUL; Redevelopment of MCA building.  Over developing , Traffic concerns and impact on a recreational area

 Willie McNeill