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UPDATED: Vaccination progress at Highcliffe Medical Surgery11 January 2021

While fully understanding the difficulties of rolling out the vaccine for Covid 19 and following queries from members, we approached Janet Newman the Practice Manager at Highcliffe Medical Centre to ask about the progress with getting the vaccine in this area. This is her reply:

"It is not of our doing that up until now we have not been able to offer the COVID vaccination at our Highcliffe site. It is the way that NHSE have directed practices to do this - i.e. through the Primary Care Networks with only one designated site per PCN.

"We would dearly love to be able to offer the vaccine from Highcliffe but due to the regulations around the movement of vaccine we are currently unable to do that. However, with new vaccines coming to market we are confident that this should change in the not too distant future; but cannot give any direct timelines as this is a moving feast that changes on a daily basis.

"The reason that some residents were able to get the vaccine early in December is that Christchurch was one of the 5 Wave one sites in Dorset and were the first to get the vaccine. The supply has not been consistent or ongoing as more and more sites are going live across the Country and the vaccine is being spread around.

"We have two more clinics up and running at the Stour site on 16th and 17th January but it is again for the over 80's only. We are hoping to follow on with more clinics on a more regular basis after that, and when we get a more regular supply of the Oxford vaccine will be able to offer clinics from our site as well.

"I do hope this brings a little more clarity, but as I say it changes daily!!"

The HRA is grateful for this clarification, and looks forward to more Highcliffe vaccinations very soon.

Update 15 January 2021
We are delighted to hear that the Covid vaccine is now being administered to patients registered at Highcliffe Medical Centre. This is mainly being given to the over 80's at this stage. Please don't call the Medical centre, they will call you with an appointment.