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Jesmond Avenue2 September 2018

Latest updates on the development proposals

Jesmond Avenue, Highcliffe

Planning Application refused 12 February 2018
Decision Notice Link to document
Officer Report Link to document

Following the decision by Christchurch Borough Council to turn down the retrospective planning permission for the hoardings in Jesmond Avenue, we have now been advised that the developer has appealed against this decision.
An enforcement Notice was issued on 2/7/18. On this Notice it is stipulated that any appeal against this must be lodged 28 days after issue of the notice.
We now understand that an appeal has been made to the Planning Inspectorate on 17th August, thirteen days after the deadline. This event is NOT marked on the planning application. We have asked the Enforcement officer to explain how and why this has happened and the enforcement notice has not been enacted according to stipulated rules.
This is a long and tortuous situation and has caused concern by residents over apparent lack of action, so a rapid response is required from the Enforcement Officer.

We now await a decision from the Appeals Inspector.