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Jesmond Avenue Planning Objection30 August 2019

The objections from The Parish Council

Application Jesmond Avenue 8/19/0943/FUL.


  • This is an uncharacteristic development in the Centre of Highcliffe. Its layout and density are inconsistent with the Local plan statement of Core Strategy.
  • It is not an infill site as suggested and It removes a valuable green space in the middle of Highcliffe.
  • Developing the site will result in the considerable loss of trees again against the Council policy of Tree preservation. It will have an effect of wild life in the Area with no compensating measure to mitigate this. We note the comments made by Dorset Wildlife trust in respect of retention of Green Corridors.
  • The site layout as proposed with have considerable impact on the traffic and parking in the area, particularly as there are less parking spaces [planned than houses/ Flats.
  • There is considerable disquiet about the potential for flooding in the area and the associated risk. This is reflected in the material presented in the application.

House development

  • The houses proposed are very large and are inconsistent with those in the Village centre.
  • The design of the houses does not help privacy for each House.
  • With the density of these house Jesmond avenue will become cramped and busy radically changing the nature of the area.

Flat development

  •  The placement and design of the blocks of flats are inconsistent with the area both in style and in height.
  • There is totally insufficient parking for this development both directly round the site and the surrounding area.
  • The development has an adverse impact on privacy on the houses in Lyme Crescent
  • This another set of flats in the vicinity of the village high street which together with the others are swamping the area unnecessarily with this type of development.