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Parish Council: A call to young people10 September 2018

Calling younger people to take part in the new Highcliffe and Walkford Parish Council

Highcliffe Residents’ Association is calling on younger people in the village to come forward and take part in setting up of a Neighbourhood Parish Council for Highcliffe and Walkford. Following the decision of CBC to set up two new councils in the area – Christchurch Town Council and Highcliffe Neighbourhood Council. These will be ‘second’ level councils that will be close to their communities and will be the answer to the remoteness with the new greater unitary authority.

At the most recent meeting held with residents and members it was made clear that the views of those people with young families need to be properly represented in the new Parish Council. The meeting did discuss many areas of responsibility that could be taken on by a Parish Council, but before deciding too much detail, it was felt that we need to be clear that the purpose of our new Parish Council is to make the village a better place to live, and seek those responsibilities which would contribute to that. 

The conclusion of the meeting was to create a small strategy group comprising those interested in standing as Parish Councillors to formulate an outline local plan, and to assess what powers and assets will be needed to implement it.

Vice Chairman of the HRA Ian Hartnell said “Now that there has been a unanimous decision to set up a Parish Council for Highcliffe and Walkford, it is really vital that the younger members of our community put themselves forward to stand as councillors. “We would be delighted to hear from any younger members of our community who feel that they would like to offer themselves to support our aims”.

Anyone wishing to become more involved should contact Ian Hartnell via the HRA letterbox at The Old School, 254 Lymington Road, Highcliffe, BH23 5ET.