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Highcliffe Castle Zig Zag Ramp Replacement Scheme Update March 20194 March 2019

Stakeholder Progress Update

Highcliffe Zig-Zag path from the air. February 2019

Work on site is progressing well with the upper section largely finished. All timber cladding has been completed on this portion of the work with only the final surfacing and railings to be installed.

Stewarts Nurseries commenced the planting beside the upper level of the ramp last Tuesday 26th February 2019. The remainder and majority of the planting scheme will be undertaken during the Autumn.
The fixing of the timber cladding is well advanced along the middle section and prepared timber supplies are being progressively delivered to site. The 1st stage surfacing to this portion is scheduled for Wednesday this week.
The footpath stone foundation is largely in place for the lower section and the Contractor has commenced the construction of the replacement steps. The installation of a small number of gabions at the bottom corner will commence later this week.
We are experiencing some delays on the availability of the prepared timber used for cladding the structure but progress on site is on programme to be complete before Easter 2019.