Planning Applications submitted to Highcliffe & Walkford between 16/3/2020 and 8/5/2020 (not including tree only proposals)

Location Reference Brief description
42 Hurstbourne Ave8/20/0237/HOUSingle storey rear extension
9 Hurstbourne Ave8/20/0259/HOUTwo storey rear and single storey side extn
95 Hinton Wood Ave8/20/0188/HOUReinstatement of swimming pool house
29 Buce Hayes Close8/20/0212/HOUSingle storey rear extension
146 Lymington Road8/20/0129/HOUSingle storey front extension
14 Avenue Road8/20/0231/HOUNew pitched roof with 4 first floor dormers
20 Chewton Common Rd8/20/0189/OUTDemolish dwelling, erect 14 apartments
3 Arundel Way8/20/0289/HOUConservatory to east elevation
173 Lymington Road8/20/0250/FUL8 flats at Castle Lodge
173 Lymington Road8/20/0251/LBAs above + remove section of listed wall
64 Smugglers Lane N8/20/0265/HOUTwo storey extn and 1st floor side extn
166 Ringwood Road8/20/0294/HOUTwo storey rear extn, replacement garage
39A Walkford Road8/20/0314/PNHHRear extension
16 Pine Crescent8/20/0288/HOUSingle storey front extension
Greystones Estate8/20/0287/FULRefurbishment of flats + new block of flats
2 Hurstbourne Ave8/20/0328/HOUNew outbuilding (garage)
165 Lymington Road8/20/0336/FULReplace dwelling with 7 apartments
22 Braemar Drive8/20/0325/HOURear extension, roof windows, porch
4 Mill Lane8/20/0330/FULSplit property into 2 semi-D’s + front extension
1A Woodhayes Ave8/20/0308/HOUFront elevation alterations + new garage

Abbreviations: OUT outline application; HOU householder application; FUL full application; CLP certificate of lawfulness for proposed use or development; LB listed building; CONDR removal or variation of a Planning Condition; NMA non material amendment; PNHH prior notification for a householder application (eg for a larger extension).

To view and/or comment on an application, go to, click to accept terms and conditions, then search by the Application Reference given above. HRA will only comment on an application that is overwhelmingly supported or resisted by residents.